Daniel K.

I went to the Attium Mall last night since we’re visiting Chicago for the holidays. I must say the shops and grocery are the ones that impressed me the most. They got the latest brands and fashion and everything we needed for the holiday were found in the grocery. My girlfriend and I will definitely go back to that mall since we both love the place.

Jennie L.

I’ve been living in Chicago my whole life and Atrium Mall was definitely one of the best places here. I recommend this place for everyone who’s new to Chicago and definitely would like to try out the best places. Now that it was improved and a lot of shops were added, more people will like it for sure.

Rose H.

I always visit this mall whenever I come to Chicago. This place never disappoints whenever I come back. From the building itself, the park outside and everything always changes for better services every other year. It’s getting better and improving more and more. I must say that I really love this mall.

Eunice C.

I dropped by the Atrium Mall the last day of my vacation in Chicago because my friend recommended it to me. I regretted the fact that I only went there the last minute of my vacation! If I knew the place was so great I would have come there sooner and more often! Ugh, I will really make sure to go there as soon as I visit Chicago again.

David L.

The last time I came here at Atrium Mall was 6 years ago before we moved out for L.A. I was surprised to see the place again after a long time. It improved a lot and even from the outside you can see that they did so many things to make this place better. It brought back memories and made me really miss Chicago. I will probably visit more often.