Atrium Mall has a lot of services for clients and customers. We’ve got a lot to provide and offer to all of you ever since we built this place. Now that we are on our 17th year, our services have improved a lot more. This means that we offer more services than before and we guarantee you that it’s better than ever.


Our boutiques and shops were now more than usual. Since a lot of new brands came out last year and this year, we did our best to include them and give these shops a place here in our mall. A lot of people came for the opening of these said boutiques and we received great amount of praises for doing so. We bet you would like to visit them personally here at Atrium Mall Chicago. If you are interested with what shops we just included, feel free to look at our website and you will see all those brands, activities and shops we have. If you ever feel like shopping for clothes, accessories, cosmetics, shoes and any other things, just visit us and you will find more than 10 places to buy from.


A lot of people crave for entertainment from time to time so Atrium Mall Chicago got it all for you. We have various types of activities for your entertainment. Kids can play in arcades while parents can go shopping. There are also cinemas where you can watch the latest movies and go on movie dates with family, friends or loved one.


Of course, the supermarket or grocery is one of the most important places we have to go to whenever we drop by a mall. This is where we buy our food, toiletries and any other things for our home. Our grocery is now more improved and we guarantee that you can find everything you need in this one place.