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The James R. Thompson Center

The beauty and uniqueness of the James R. Thompson Center reflects on every shopping experience.

In addition to the Atrium Mall, this astounding building houses more than 50 government agencies, boards and commissions. Designed by world renowned architect Helmut Jahn, the award-winning marble, glass and steel structure surrounds one of the largest enclosed spaces in the world. The the building's steel frame is topped by a cylindrical skylight soaring 75 feet above the roof level. The interior is an architectural marvel, with a three hundred foot tall skylight and atrium. The rotunda, which is one hundred sixty feet in diameter, is supported by sixteen floors of balconied, open space.

The building is named after the governor who commissioned it. For more information on the James R. Thompson Center, please visit the James R. Thompson Center page at the State of Illinois site.

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