About Us

The founder and owner of the Atrium Mall Chicago was once only a student of business management in his country. Ever since he was a child, he craved for success and recognition and worked hard to be the top on his class, from grade school up to college. He never knew that business was the one thing he’ll pursue, he just knew that he wanted to be successful in any way. Since he wasn’t rich like other people, it only made him more determined to give his family a better life in the future. Struggling to study because of a financial crisis, the only thing that pushed him to give his best and continue is his family’s support and the motivation he had for himself. He didn’t let anything, including the lack of money get on his way for becoming a successful person.

Like many other people, he experienced failures as well even though he was top of his classes. This man is also a normal person who sometimes commits mistakes but he took that as life lessons, something that taught him what to do and what not do next time in order to make things better. He was smart and he was also independent and hard-working person. He studied hard as a child and worked on his self-confidence because he knew that these were the things that could help him reach his dreams.

When he graduated, he immediately started his own business. From a small store in one of the towns of Chicago, his company grew big and more successful as time passed by. He gathered people he could trust and could work for him to help him continuously improve his mall. Now, Atrium Mall Chicago is one of the most trusted malls in this country for its great service.